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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Town Festival Day 2009

Just a terrific day in my small town. Here, the stage is set for the pie eating contest as on lookers begin to gather. The 2009 Round Hill Town Festival was a smashing success.

The sack races are always a hit with the kids. A camera always helps to show a slightly different perspective on things.

This child is adorable.

A small crew exhibited their gymnastic dance moves. This particular gentleman could fly through the air.

Mid-air hops nearing the finish line.

These folks provided stories, history and drama related to swords and lore. They acted out mock duels while informing the audience of the roots of swordplay.

Classic pie eating techniques are revealed as the adult portion of the contest ensues.

Seconds after time is called. New rules this year calls for pie to be ingested, rather than worn. In years past we've seen eaters covered from head to toe in hopes of gaining higher scores (remaining pie is weighed to gauge winners).

This is a Round Hill Festival first; ground pie eating. The judges did not know what to make of this brazen new technique. Apparently, the pie is tossed to the floor thereby allowing the eater to attack the 2400 calorie desert from a prone position....ingenious! The contestant was not disqualified, however, the rules committee will spend many weeks reviewing video to determine potential changes next year.

Warriors, each and every one of them!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jefferson's Rotunda

A recent trip to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville produced this photo of the Rotunda, a focal point on campus. This spectacular institution was formed by Thomas Jefferson, with this building breaking ground in 1822. The campus was unique for its time due to its focus on a library, rather than a church. The university evokes feelings of grandeur and history that is uniquely American.