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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Loudoun Rockettes

Quite a lineup of At one point in time, they outnumbered the citizens of Loudoun county. The second one from the end has her eye on me. What the heck, she's more trim than some of my old girlfriends.


barb said...

you have wonderful insight in your photography....the shots I have viewed are spectacular. I only wish I could be one tenth as good. Plus you have a great sense of humor which helps in anything you do. Thanks for sharing.

S said...

hold on...they are not in order..the cows...28 - 30 (number tags on their ears)...couldn't they be more cooperative?..or were they being an iChing kinda way, just to ...oh all the non-Euclidean geometry in the world cannot allucute what cows think of while they chew their cud. They mock us.