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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Skateboarding a crime?

The Blue Ridge leader reported the following today:

"Several skateboarders were skating in the 700 block of E. Main Street. Parents were notified".

Since when is it a crime to skate? As an old school boarder myself, I was shocked to read this. I'd rather see our youth participating in a sport than being bored and looking for trouble. I think the town of Purcellville needs to lighten up.

March 14 update: The Blue Ridge Leader reports this: "Parents were notified that youths were skate boarding at Blue Ridge Middle School." Folks, we obviously have an epidemic on our hands. Has Homeland Security been called?

July 28: There is an effort underway to build a skate plaza / park here, called the Purcellville Skate Project. Visit this site to learn more and get involved:


Anonymous said...

i do skate photography in loudoun actually and the police dept. has gone way overboard with alot of things. one of them being skateboarding.

Anonymous said...

Is skateboarding a crime ? In line skating was very popular for a while -- you would see people skating down the street for exercise -- people go to a roller skating rink for the social aspects the fun and music and entertainment -- now skateboarding from what I have observed is more about tricks it is not just a mode of transportation or those that use it for tricks in public spaces have given the mere act of skate board use a bad rap -- because if you
take into consideration flipping boards to catapult off of a bench a hand rail a fountain a host of other structure not intended for skate board tricks and the inherent inability to control a out of control skate board a innocent person can be injured by reckless behaviors of youth mesmerized by the sport If some one is injured by a damaged piece of public property the municipality is liable-- now this injury may be sustained by someone who did not cause the damage how often does a skateboarder report the damage he causes to public property? if their actions caused the damage perhaps they should think wow i guess this was not fabricated with a skate board trick as its use They will probably tell their friends don't use XYZ it broke when I someone was blanking fill in with skateboard trick terminology

I know when you skateboarding people break a few ankles or wrists you may decide the medical or dental bills aren't worth it

Dave Levinson said...

Western Loudoun needs a place for skaters. There is an active community here and no place for them to legally shred. There is an effort underway to make this happen. I will contact the person responsible and post an update.

Regarding the second comment, I could just as easily hurt people with my car, crutch or Ipod. Skaters just need to be safe like everyone else. Also, I've broken bones and have several scars all from skating. I'm proud of 'em all. You gotta live man...

Dave Levinson said...

Update: A couple of years later, I joined with the Purcellville Skate Project and am now working hard to get a park built. See our efforts here: http://SkateNow.Org