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Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring breaks on Assateague Island

Last week I explored Assateague Island, a part of the eastern shore. The southern portion of the island belongs to Virginia, the balance is Maryland. This uninhabited section of the island is home to an incredible array of wildlife, including the famous wild ponies (above). Chincoteague Island is located just to the west and is connected to Assateague (and the mainland) via a series of bridges.

The island features asphalt trails that lead visitors through various parts of the island. As my blog readers know, I rarely follow designated trails and this trip was no exception. This photo was taken miles north of the public beach parking area. A hefty hike along a service road, over a mostly dry marsh and finally through 50 yards of dead thickets and briers lead me to this spot. There's nothing quite like an uninhabited beach. There was an incredible display of large, unbroken shells on the beach like I've never seen.

The photo below was posted for the person who left a comment wanting to see the shells. Included are pics of a seahorse and shark eggs, also found on the beach.


Anonymous said...

Why did you not post a photo of all these shells of which you blog? If you did sorry I guess i did not see the link to click

Anonymous said...

I have news for you you are not the only one that goes off the path Just pick up any Small town Mountain weekly during the summer and you read about deaths of vacationers from a disaster at a water fall or staying on the trail and some nutjob out to get their jollies by torturing people and leaving them for dead I hope a camera/film isn't the only thing you bring to shoot

Dave Levinson said...

Shell photos have been posted. Thanks for asking.

Snarky, I always go off trail with full air support.