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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Photo published on Loudoun Yellow Pages cover

The new Loudoun and Faquier Yellow Pages book from Verizon features one of my photos. This late afternoon shot was taken atop one of the silos located on Franklin Farm. The northerly facing view shows the town of Purcellville (Virginia) in the upper right corner. The original photo was taken in October of 2007, here is the related blog post:

Incredibly, the photo includes my name and the website for this blog. I must say I'm pleased that 195,273 of these are printed. Does anyone use these anymore?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone use a phone book ?? the question is does anyone read photo credits looking for a web site with a blog ??? not so much --- hence I am the only comment so far--- and this is like 2008 and JULY!!!! Okay enough of that You must be petty pleased they ran your photo so you got a few tear sheets but did they PAY you???

Dave Levinson said...

Snarky, you are a tough customer.

1. Photo credits rock in any fashion. The question really comes down goals. I just want to share what I do.
1. The book is 2008 - 2009
2. Yes I got paid. I get free phone books for life.