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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Singing in the trees

My good friend Timothy Wyant invited me to shoot photos of his chorus group the local Christmas tree farm. Huh? Timothy is the type of guy who like to mix things up a bit. When he called, he said he wanted quirky shots of his group mingling with the trees on the slopes of the Blue Ridge? How could I refuse an offer like that. After taking several "normal" shots, I had them line up like trees which provided a uniquely quirky photo. Mission accomplished I'd say.

This is one of the "normal shots" with acres of Christmas trees cascading down the ridge behind them. Their voices filled the air on this perfect day. The group headed over to the Bluemont Fair following the shoot to give a performance. You can learn more about the Chorus of the Old Dominion by visiting this link: Click here to learn more about The Snickers Gap Tree Farm.

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