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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blue Ridge panorama

The original size for this stitched-together photograph is 18,000 pixels wide, shrunken down here to fit. It is composed of six, 8.5 megapixel photos (click image to see it larger). This series was taken on the same morning as my previous post. I am considering printing this at full size on canvas but not sure where I could hang it. The would do :)


Deborah Eley De Bono said...

Beautiful and if I were in charge in would be in the NG.

This reminds me of an 18th century drawing by Carmontelle, we have at the Getty Center right now.

It's difficult to explain but the link has a demonstration.

Dave Levinson said...

Thanks for the comments Moon! I visited the Getty a couple of years ago and feel that it is one of the most impressive places on earth. Not only is the collection breath taking, but so is the surroundings/buildings/location/grounds. A must see for anyone who is within reach.

mark robert allen said...

so luch and green.

we're in the middle of drought here in Oz so everything's so brown and dead!

S said...

we need to do some QTVR 360 degree panoramas. Let me know, I have the equipment/knowlege

great photo!

(I need to break out the 360 panorama shots that I took with my Olympus 20 years ago atop of mountains in Alaska...stand, shoot, turn, stand, shoot, turn....then when I had them processed...had to manually stitch them together...funny prospect)