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Saturday, May 29, 2010

2010 Pie Post - Round Hill Town Festival

The 2010 Round Hill Town Festival was filled with friendly neighbors. We had record attendance this year.

Preparation for the pie eating contest ensues. Hungry hopefuls linger on the sidelines just ahead of the competition frenzy.

Hmmmmm...dunno about this.

The peak of pie ingestion. The situation looks precarious here.

Note the colorful technical approaches. Some come out swinging with mouth agape, others slide in from the side.  

The gentleman on the ground caused the creation of a new pie eating rule this year; Jumping over the table is no longer allowed, serious stuff folks. His pie slid off the table and he quickly followed. Without missing a beat, the eater proceeded to finish the pie.

Serious dedication can be seen in the eyes of competitors. Another successful year of pie eating at the Round Hill Town Fest.

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