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Friday, August 27, 2010

Loudoun County Fair 2010

The Loudoun County Fair never disappoints. Visitors can always count on seeing massive cattle, great entertainment and fair rides while enjoying a  wonderful community spirit. Many newer residents may not realize that just beyond the asphalt roads that connects us to places of shopping, farms still exist in Loudoun. Farming families can be seen at the fair proudly displaying livestock and prized vegetables. There is nothing like seeing a child farmer grooming their baby goats. Pride is displayed in the form of smiles and hand drawn posters donning cute animal names, many with ribbons.

Miss Loudoun County Fair 2010 waits for the smash up derby to begin. It seems that a throne would be appropriate here. She is required to stand with the masses and endure the heat. Royalty would seem to be a thing of the past .

In the end, isn't this what the fair is all about; fried batter and confection sugar? Sure, the kids love the rides, ribbon recipients brim with pride and audiences cheer smoking wrecks that were previously autos. But we all love fair food. Where else can you get a huge order of fries that come in a big gulp cup?

This year I was honored in being asked to help judge the fair photo contest. Myself and two others (NOVA instructors) wend our way through hundreds of photographs in dozens of categories. This was harder work than I expected, but quite rewarding. It took nearly three hours to review the incredible array of submitted photos. I was most impressed with the creative work submitted by the youth of our county, and look forward to the opportunity to judge again next year. See you in 2011!

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