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Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter creek in the park

The Suzanne R. Kane Nature Park in Purcellville, Virginia features a meandering stream bordered with young trees. The sounds of plentiful birds make this a tranquil place to explore within walking distance of downtown. The park is located between Hillsboro, Hirst and Hatcher roads.

Seven inches of new snow made this hike a bit challenging, but a worthwhile endeavor. It was a good way to pursue photography while taking in local nature.

While shooting another section of the creek, a hawk flew across my lens and onto a tree about 20 yards away. In an attempt to take photographic advantage of the opportunity, I thought of ways to encourage the hawk to fly again. I began whistling loudly in the most annoying way possible. The hawk became visually agitated after a couple of minutes, then finally flew away. The bird can be seen flying away in this photo. Was it worth five minutes of nutty whistling while standing in the woods alone? If nothing else, sharing the story was.

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