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Monday, March 07, 2011

Bears Den Sunset

Bears Den hikers hostel, located in Bluemont, VA, offers terrific western views over Clarke County. A half mile south on Route 601, from Route 7, will bring you to the entrance of this must see location in Loudoun. Aside from the cabin itself, there are also a handful of campsites and a few small satellite cabins. However the real draw of this spot is the rocky outcrop just a short walk from the main hostel. When the timing is right, spectacular sunsets are bestowed upon visitors who find themselves perched on the sprawling rock formations that give Bears Den its name.

This photograph was taken only steps from the Appalachian Trail, which conveniently intersects the walking path to the rock outcropping in which I stood while snapping this photo.

While I've not seen actual bears here, I've spoken with those who claim to have seen them. Wide fractures in some of the formations would make for comfortable napping by bears and humans alike. With places such as this, capturing Loudoun County photography is rarely challenging. More information about Bears Den can be found here:

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